Trending Apartment Decorations this Spring Season

It finally springs! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and flowers are poking their little heads out of the ground. Isn’t it time for your home to reflect the season? It’s time to put away the muted colors and faux fur, and break out the pastels, linen, and flowers!

Bring nature to you- Spring means renewal, rebirth, and growth. What better way to hit those themes than with a little bit of spring in your home! Live plants are all the rage now, and for good reason. They help clean and purify the air, and add to a beautiful, clean aesthetic. From the smallest succulent to towering Snake Plants and the gorgeous hanging Chain of Hearts, a little nature goes a long way. It also has the added benefit of adding a dash of color to the modern trend of monochromatic white. 

Use bright colors to stand out- Modern styles and trends are very clean. There’s lots of white, grey, and shading. However, spring isn’t about blending into the background, it’s about bright, bold colors and patterns. So why not try that out in your home. Something as simple as bright, patterned napkins on a wooden farmhouse table can make the whole room pop. Consider ways to get color in your rooms without having to switch too much up. Teals, pinks, and lavenders are great colors to throw into modern settings. 

Switch up your pillows- Throw pillows can really pull a room together, and make it feel like home. From pillow forts to finishing off an interior design, throw pillows are key. However, they can easily interfere with your theme if you have the wrong ones. Dark patterns, fabrics, and styles are great for the winter, but the instant spring comes, they just draw the eye. Switch them out! Ditch the velvet, and find some coverings that say spring.

Use light fabrics- It doesn’t winter anymore, so why are you still using your flannel sheets? It’s time to switch them out. One of the best parts of spring is transitioning from the heavy fabrics of winter to the cool, light, and airy fabrics of spring and summer. Light white, baby blue or fern green sheets can make your bedroom feel like a spring evening, and make the rest of your home feel like it’s finally, officially, the end of winter. 

Trending Apartment Decorations this Spring SeasonSpring is the perfect opportunity to reset your home and make it feel new. After all, that’s what spring is all about. And, redoing your interior design to reflect spring is a perfect time to get some spring cleaning done. From bringing in fresh flowers to opening the windows and getting the scent of fresh-cut grass inside, getting your home ready for spring can make the season that much better. 

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