Spring Cleaning Tips

Everywhere you turn ads and articles are telling you to get started with your spring cleaning, but what’s the point? Cleaning an entire apartment from top to bottom could take hours, and it’s only going to get dirty again. So why do it?

In fact, your efforts to clean will result in much more than just a tidy space. Dusting is a great example. Dust is composed of pollen, hair, skins cells, dirt, and fibers. The longer you leave it lying around, the more it can exacerbate allergies or asthma. Use wet cloths or microfiber dusters that trap dust and be sure not to miss the tops of your doorways, fan blades, and hanging picture frames. Begin with the highest surfaces and work your way down. Any dust that falls on the floor can be easily mopped or vacuumed away for good. You will find yourself breathing easier with a quick spring dusting and vacuuming.

Another easy task that has vast benefits is moving furniture and appliances to clean beneath them. Check behind the refrigerator and way under the bed for any food or objects that are hiding there. If you have pets, you may find all of those toys that had magically disappeared. Picking up these or any other small objects will ensure your young children don’t find one to play with or choke on. You clean everywhere else throughout the year, so why not give these areas a little extra attention to the safety of your family. For those with large items or if you simply need to get rid of a lot of clutter, we recommend renting a dumpster to quickly and efficiently do the job.

Not only does spring cleaning increase the health and safety of your family, but it can also improve convenience. The pasta is boiling, and the meatballs are sizzling in a pan; you go to the pantry for tomato sauce only to find that your jar expired two years ago. Spring clean your fridge and pantry of expired or spoiled items. Take stock of what you have left and what you’ll need to buy again. Go through the same process with your toiletries and medications. Always having the right items on hand at the right moment means added convenience for your life, but you won’t know what you need until you finish spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can earn you money. Sounds great, right? In addition to the change you might find while vacuuming between the couch cushions, you could be ridding yourself of clutter and making a buck or two in the process. Sort through clothing and collectibles to see what you care about and what’s just been sitting around, unused and unloved. List valuable items for sale online or take them to local consignment shops. You’ll never know if your Pokemon card collection or vintage designer purse might bring in the dough until you spring clean.

Whether it’s your first month in your apartment or you’ve been here for years, a good spring cleaning can do wonders for you and your family. It’s isn’t just about cleanliness, it’s about the benefits a clean home provides.

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