Planning The Perfect Stay-At-Home Date Night

Parkway Village

Sometimes, the best date night is one where you and your special someone stay at home enjoying the simpler things in life. Not only is dating-in convenient, affordable and low-pressure, at-home dates can be easy to execute. Whether you’ve been married for years or just recently started dating, here are some fun ideas to spice up the perfect at home date!

Learn A New Skill Together on Youtube.

YouTube is an amazing video platform. It gives you access to learn almost any new skill in the matter of no time. Seriously anything you can think of, someone is eager to teach it to you on Youtube. And what’s better than learning a new skill? Learning it with your significant other!

Play Name That Tune.

Find the top 40 hits from when you or your spouse graduated high school. Make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube. Take turns playing and pausing a song, and see if your spouse knows the next line!

Begin a Netflix Original Series

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Netflix and Chill” by now. Watching a movie or television show are actually great ways to spend a date night at home. Start an original Netflix series like Stranger Things and let the binge watching begin!

Massage Night!

Because after a long week of working, everyone deserves a massage. Play some relaxing tunes and take turns showing your partner your massage skills. I’m sure each of you will appreciate this one!

Catch a Sunset or Sunrise

It’s cliché but romantic (kinda like flowers on V-Day), and all you need for this date is a blanket, bottle of wine (or thermos of coffee) and each other. Check the time online at

Talk To Each other.

Weird, right? Who would have thought talking to each other would be a good idea for a date. This little guide might help. This idea is perfect for a newer couple. Talk about your hopes and dreams, your frustrations and struggles. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What’s your biggest goal in life? No agenda, no advice, just some soul-bearing connection.

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