Parkway Village Now On Google+

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Now on Google Plus is Parkway Village.  Google plus is an incredible social networking platform that allows not only for human communication but so much more. This platform is a way to bring Google users into a “community” and give a social experience you have never seen before, at your fingertips. It will also help current and potential residents plus friends and family easily be able to navigate to Parkway Village with its map listing.

With the ability to manipulate your circle, users can control what groups of people and what brands they receive information from. There isn’t a guarantee that those brands or users will circle you. That’s where the Communities feature comes in. This awesome feature allows groups to form around a particular topic or interest. You can use the Community feature as a brand as well, which you can’t do on Facebook. It allows you to interact with your potential customers, influencers, and people of that interest.

Another feature that Google Plus offers that is sure to change the game is Hangouts. In these Hangouts, you can have group meetings, discussions, video chat, or demonstrations. This is great for companies because you can organize a panel discussion that explains to customers how to use your latest software, new rental communities you have built, or a new product that is coming out. You can then simply archive it and upload it to Youtube.

Parkway Village has found utilizing Google Plus very useful. Users can get information about the community, view photos and videos, leave reviews about their living experience, and keep up to date with posts. Check us out at on new Google Plus Page and give us a follow.

At Parkway Village we hope that Google Plus will help us bring our community closer and be able to supply valuable information to residents in one place. Stay tuned for more updates.  Below are directions to Parkway Village from various points around the city.



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