Bathroom Decorating Tips

Decorating a bathroom can be a unique challenge. It’s one of the only spaces in your house that’s somehow both extremely private, and extremely public. Any time someone visits, they’re going to use it and think about how it looks. And bathrooms make an impression. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your tiny bathroom feel like a luxury sauna, and we’ve compiled some of the best. 

  1. Plants- Live plants can go such a long way to brighten up a bathroom. From the most humble fern to the most majestic Dracaena Lisa, a dash of green can any bathroom feel zen.
  2. Go one color- There’s a certain simplicity to a bathroom coordinated with a single color. Whether it’s the classic white on white, or a soothing seafoam, a single underlying color theme will make every other aspect stand out.
  3. One eye catching piece- An added benefit of using a single color is that when you install something that breaks the theme, it’s that much more bold. Consider an eye catching copper faucet, or an accent wall. Too much can be exhausting, but a single piece or section can make the rest of the bathroom pop even more. 
  4. Add some natural wood or something metallic- A natural, weathered driftwood accent or a dull metallic highlight is sometimes all a bathroom needs to be complete. Industrial chic is all the rage recently, and its utilitarian and simplistic style is perfect for any bathroom.
  5. Install a shelf– A shelf above the toilet or sink can add some much needed storage room without taking up taking up valuable floor space. Bonus, you can use the previously mentioned natural wood to create a shelf worth mentioning. 
  6. Invest in lighting- Even the best designed bathroom in the world can look horrible and tacky if it’s lit by a single exposed bulb set in the ceiling. Consider lighting! Whether you lean towards a vanity mirror (always a good choice) or something a little more subtle, the proper lighting can take your bathroom from shabby to chic.
  7. Decide on a highlight- While a beautifully decorated bathroom doesn’t need a highlight, it can always bring it to the next level… just don’t overdo it. You don’t need a highlight wall, vibrant rug, different splashback, industrial shelf and unique shower curtain. Pick one highlight and let it be that- the highlight.
  8. Fill an empty wall- A single, monochromatic bathroom may be ideal for some, but not everyone. Maybe your significant other wants wacky wallpaper, or some crazy knick-knacks, but you like it minimalist. Compromise! Pick a single wall for them to contain their decoration. You could also try making your own collage wallpaper, or hanging a bunch of color coordinated photos on a wall.
  9. Pick the right finishing touches– A nice fragrance, a fancy soap, or a little tin for q-tips can go a long way, just be sure you pick the right ones. If you do it right, even a toilet brush can look like a nice addition. 
  10. Don’t over clutter- While the finishing touches are nice, don’t overdo them! You don’t need a decorative soap dish, decorative hand soap dispenser, decorative q-tip holder and a dozen other things taking over your sink. Less is more, and it’s the space in between items that highlights the items you’ve chosen.

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